Gaurav Khanna broke his silence on leaving Anupama series

Anupama: Star Plus serial Anupama is a very popular show. The show has always topped the TRP list. Gaurav Khanna is playing the role of Anuj in this. Today it has become a household name and its popularity has grown tremendously. Fans love the pair of Anuj and Anupama in this series. For a few days now, there have been reports on social media that Gaurav is going to quit the show. This made his fans very worried. Now the actor has given his reaction on these rumours.

Gaurav Khanna broke his silence on leaving Anupama series
Gaurav Khanna's fans want to know if he will really bid farewell to the Anupama series. Talking to Hindustan Times about the rumors of Anupama leaving, the actor said, “I don't know where such news is coming from.” I don't see any truth in this as I am fully committed to my show. I know nothing about this till date and these reports have no basis. The actor said that many fake news are seen online these days. This news is not true at all.

Gaurav Khanna gave this message to the fans
Gaurav Khanna gave a message to his fans that his fans should keep watching this show. Gaurav says we all work hard for this show. Our episodes come every seven days. While talking about Anupama's latest track, Shruti is shot and Anuj takes her to the hospital. Doctors have said that his condition is serious. Adhya is in shock and Anuj doesn't know how to handle her. Anupama comes to meet him and Anuj asks her to stay there. Anupama takes care of Aadhya.

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