Five (good?) reasons to watch Die Hard 5

John McClane returns this Thursday evening on M6.

The sixth channel completes its cycle this evening Die Hard, with a fifth episode which unfortunately does not live up to its predecessors. In 2013, the editorial staff of First tried to find some qualities in him, but it was an almost impossible mission, despite all the love we have for his star, Bruce Willis

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This allows us to reassess the 4
For McClane fans, Die Hard 4: Return to Hell looked like a nightmare. A freeze-dried episode that had more Die Hard than the title. Bushian tirades from McClane, betrayal of the character (John was no longer subjected to violence, he was looking for it), inconsistencies in the script and pyrotechnic excess (Wiseman forgetting that the DNA of Die Hard lies in the visceral staging that confused McT and Michael Bay)… The film looked like a first-class funeral of the 90's saga. Good news: this fifth episode will allow us to reassess Back to hell. The plans at Phantom would pass Die Hard 4 for Bergman. The script is unspeakably stupid and Bruce Willis is no longer McClane. At best, a handsome superhero who plays a sad clown in a white t-shirt. You can buy the Blu-Ray of 4 with your eyes closed.

It's not in 3D
Visually, Die Hard: beautiful day to die looks like baby food. Full of false connections, pitifully filmed and (poorly) corrected in post-production, the action scenes are unreadable. The appalling ideas (?) of staging are weighed down by over-the-top bling-bling (amplified bolt clicks or slow-motion shotgun blasts – that kind). But don't complain: it could have been in 3D. More expensive, and therefore even uglier. We will thank John Moore for having played Jansenist on this one. Purists will regret that it is not in scope (unlike the others, the film was shot in square), but again, it spares the retina a little more.

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It is the shortest film in the saga
Not in felt time, but in real time. Die Hard 5 lasts 98 mins (“the longest 98 minutes of my life” explained a KO journalist at the end of the screening), which makes it the Die Hard the shortest in the series. It does not have a price.

There are jokes
Finally… A joke. The scene where Bruce Willis on the Moscow ring road stops a car before snapping at the driver because he doesn't understand Russian makes you smile. For the rest, Die Hard 5 is absolutely devoid of humor. No second degree, no irony and a lack of perspective which says a lot about Moore's pretension. Even the Yipikayé is thrown around by Willis with the enthusiasm of a Moscow social security official. We don't blame him, we were warned.

The girl is pretty
The real bomb of the film is Yuliya Snigir. Perfect as a damsel in distress as well as a monster of sadism (yes, it's a spoiler, at this point…). She is sexy, aggressive and over-lunged. But that's the problem: if you want to see her take off her leather jumpsuit and show off her curves in a black wonderbra, you'll have to watch the trailer again – the real director's cut of a film in which all the sexy elements have been cut. That's ugly.

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Trailer for Beautiful day to die :

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