First creepy teaser for Return to Silent Hill, the sequel by Christophe Gans

The video game horror saga will soon return to the big screen.

Twelve years later, Christophe Gans amounts to silent Hill. After the nice little success of his 2006 film (100 million dollars at the box office), which adapted the cult video game for the Playstation (1999), the French director has just completed the sequel, which will be called Return to Silent Hill. A second opus which will be inspired by the game Silent Hill 2, released in 2001 (on PS2 and XBox 360) and which will be a direct sequel to the first film. Judging by the first teaser posted online this week, the atmosphere is still just as nice in the small town of silent Hill. And fans of the game will already find a host of winks in these first images (below).

The synopsis: “Return to Silent Hill tells the story of James, a man broken by his separation from his true love. One day, a mysterious letter reaches him and calls him back to Silent Hill to send him in search of the woman he loves. There, he finds himself in a town he once knew, but which seems to have been transformed by an unknown evil spirit. As James penetrates deeper into this frightening darkness, he encounters terrifying, sometimes familiar figures. He then begins to wonder if he is going crazy and struggles with himself to find meaning in this strange reality, in order to save his love.


Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) And Hannah Emily Anderson (X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Jigsaw) will play the heroes of this sequel, James Sunderland and Mary.

Christophe Gans co-wrote this sequel with Sandra VoAnh (who had worked alongside him on The beauty and the Beast), And William Josef Schneider.

Return to Silent Hill does not yet have a release date. But, as luck would have it, the game Silent Hill 2 will be released in a remake for next-gen consoles (PS5 & co) October 6, 2024.


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