Exclusive – Jeff Bridges will play God opposite Johnny Depp as Satan in the next Terry Gilliam

In the comedy The Carnival of at the End of Days, the director tells us he also cast Adam Driver and Jason Momoa.

Last December, Terry Gilliam talked about his next film, The Carnival of at the End of DaysOr Johnny Depp will play Satan. Asked by Firstin view of his appearance at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival (where he will receive an Honorary Crystal), Terry Gilliam tells us that it will be a “comedy where God decides to destroy Humanity. And the only one trying to save us is Satan (Laughs.) Because he needs people in hell, otherwise he won't have a job for eternity!

We are trying to determine exactly when and where this will happen. For the moment, filming is scheduled for next January. We'll see. And I have a pretty good cast: Johnny Depp, Jeff Bridges. Adam Driver and Jason Momoa (Laughs.)

With the exception of Momoa (surprising choice!), only actors that Terry Gilliam has already cast before. “Now we need a woman to complete it all!, laughs the director: in fact, in The Carnival of at the end of Days, Satan sets out in search of a couple of humans to present to God as the modern Adam and Eve. All that remains is to find Eve.

And to embody God, Gilliam chose “Jeff Bridges. But he will not be the God we are used to. In the film, God is nature. But a nature that can speak to you (Laughs.) I'm going to need animation to bring it to life, because in the scene with God, there are at least fifteen animals. And it's going to be complicated, because it has to be realistic. And it will be very expensive! We'll see what happens. But it's a good scenario. It will be very funny for those who like to be offended (Laughs.)

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