Eva Longoria is back in The Land of Women: trailer

A flight to Spain, also featuring Carmen Maura, to be seen this summer on Apple TV+.

Eva Longoria is back on TV. Few years later Grand Hotelthe former Gaby of Desperate Housewives will be the star of The Land of Womena new Apple TV+ series which today revealed the trailer (below).


In The Land of WomenEva Longoria plays the role of Gala, “who sees her life turned upside down when she discovers that her husband has involved her family in financial embezzlement. She then has to flee New York with her mother and daughter. To escape the dangerous criminals to whom Gala's husband must answer, the three women hide in a wine-growing village in northern Spain, the one that Julia's mother fled 50 years ago, swearing never to return. . The three women want to make a new start and hope to remain anonymous. But rumors begin to spread in the small town, revealing family secrets and the deepest truths.”

Carmen Maura, Victoria Bazúa and Santiago Cabrera complete the cast. The series inspired by the novel “La tierra de las mujeres” by Sandra Barneda.

The Land of Women will be 6 episodes. The first two episodes will be available on June 26, followed by a new episode every Wednesday until July 24.


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