Dragons are everywhere in the new House of the Dragon 2 trailer

The war promises to rage. But will there really be a winner after this “Dance of the Dragons”?

“The war is coming and if it happens, none of us are going to win!” Queen Alicent Has an Epiphany in New Season 2 Trailer House of the Dragon posted online last night (see below): what if everything wasn't black or white? Or rather Black or Green? What if Team Green and Team Black ended up being the big losers in Westeros in their fight for the throne?

This may also be what Daemon Targaryen thinks (Matt Smith), obviously not very inclined to support Rhaenyra until the end. According to this video, he still seems reluctant to consider his niece as a legitimate Queen. We must not forget that for a good part of season 1, he thought he was the natural successor to his brother Viserys… So is he planning a betrayal? Is he finally Team Green?


One thing is certain, the war will take place, whatever happens. And the new images in this new video emphasize a particularly spectacular season 2, with major battles on the program, on land, at sea and especially on the back of a dragon. Everyone will ride for their side and the 7 Kingdoms risk going up in smoke.

We will see this from next Sunday June 16 on Max and also in France on Prime Video via the Warner pass.


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