David Lynch unveils his new project with a Twin Peaks actress

No, it's not Twin Peaks 4, but a musical project with Chrystabell…

FBI agents Gordon Cole and Tammy Preston will team up again. But far from Twin Peaks.

David Lynch announced a few days ago the imminent arrival of a secret project. It's not a new season, a new series or even a new movie. The director collaborated on the new album of Chrystabell, “Cellophane Memories”, which will be released on August 2. He also shared this video for the title “Sublime Eternal Love”, featuring Chrystabellproduced by David Lynch obviously :

Singer and actress from Texas, Chrystabell made an appearance in Twin Peaks: The Return next to David Lynchbecause the two have been collaborating since 2007 and Inland EmpireEditthe filmmaker's latest feature film. Chrystabell had contributed to the soundtrack, while Lynch had worked on his debut album “This Train”.

This new album “comes from a vision David experienced during a nighttime walk through a forest of tall trees, above which he saw a bright light. As he remembers it, the light became the rhythm of Chrystabell's voice and revealed a secret to her.” The press release from David Lynch continues: “Breaks in time appear again and again in Chrystabell's voice, emerging, dissolving and looping back into layers of harmony and history. They are accompanied by David's orchestra of waldeinsamkeit-inspired strings, clouds of reverb and the late composer Angelo Badalamenti, whose melodies are like the sensation of time stopping for a first kiss.”


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