Coppola reveals video of Al Pacino's audition for The Godfather!

The filmmaker remembers the critical reception when he cast the 32-year-old actor to play Michael Corleone.

A few days after the very mixed reception of Megalopolishis latest film, at Cannes, Francis Ford Coppola remind the world that he still did The Godfather and that he revealed a certain Al Pacino !

The filmmaker published on his YouTube the actor's audition video in 1972, then aged 32. Al Pacino blends into the skin of Michael Corleone. And Coppola writes:

“What's interesting here is that I was told that Pacino wasn't right for the role because he was too short and too scruffy. So we had him cut his hair and l We dressed in a simpler, more classic way. Then these same reviewers said it had become so clean on him that he had lost some of his natural appeal. 'Al whether tall or short, scruffy or classic The first 'too scruffy' haircut was given to him by my wife Ellie For the second cut we went to a local hairdresser and when he found out. that it was for an actor from The Godfather, he had a heart attack (the hairdresser really had a heart attack and was then taken to the hospital…).”


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