Cannes 2024: Family climb for Kevin Costner and his five children

Cannes day 6: Kevin Costner has invested heavily in his western saga, Horizon

Cannes day 6: The actor, director and producer unveiled his film in Cannes, out of competition

Cannes day 6: Kevin Costner believes in it, he dreams of turning his saga into four films

Cannes day 6: Kevin Costner invested nearly $100 million in Horizon, with the support of his children

Cannes day 6: Kevin Costner surrounded by all his children, Cayden Wyatt, Annie, Grace Avery, Hayes Costner and Lily Costner

Cannes day 6: Kevin Costner also posed with the star actresses of Horizon, like here Jena Malone

Cannes day 6: Kevin Costner and actress Abbey Lee Kershaw

Cannes day 6: Kevin Costner and Sienna Miller

The director of Horizon was also surrounded by Sienna Miller, Abbey Lee, Jena Malone, Luke Wilson…

Big day for Kevin Costner on the Croisette, who, in addition to receiving the insignia of Officer in the Order of Arts and Letters from the hands of Rachida Dati, presented his new film this evening as director. Finally, its first part, because with its western Horizonthe director of Dancing with the wolves saw the big picture: he plans to shoot four films in total within this saga. Besides, he has already canned half of it!

Cannes 2024: Kevin Costner's crazy ambition on Horizon

To defend this ambitious project, selected on the Croisette out of competition, Costner had promised to climb the steps in the company of all his actresses, and that's what he did: we saw him surrounded by Jena Malone, Georgia MacPhail, Sienna Miller, Ella Hunt, Wase Chief, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Isabelle Fuhrman, but also Luke Wilson, who also plays in Horizon.

Surprise ! The actor/director and producer of this saga was also surrounded by his five children: Cayden Wyatt, Annie, Grace Avery, Hayes Costner and Lily Costner. A way of paying tribute to them too, after the unfailing support they gave him.

He said just before coming to Cannes that to conceive Horizon as he wished, he had to sell land and mortgage a villa which he owns. A bet that could directly impact his children, but they all gave him their approval, so that he could embark on this project which was so close to his heart with a light mind.

“For the moment, I am on time, and I am respecting the budget that I had set for myself at 98 million euros, but when I have finished the fourth film, I will have exceeded the 100 million mark”he confided to Deadline just before traveling to France to launch the promotion of its first part.

“At some point in your life, you realize that you have the means to do it. Okay, my children may not inherit a 10-hectare property. But they will have a roof over their heads, they will receive my legacy. They will be able to live their lives. I don't want to be held back. (Francis Ford Coppola on Megalopoliseditor’s note) really wanted to do, and he's not hurting anyone by doing this. He found a way to make it to the end. He also explained all this to his children.

My people clearly know why I got into this. They told me : 'Dad, you do as you feel. We don't need all that. We took advantage of it, but we will live without it.' It's just that they don't want to see me toil until I die… And then, I have the impression of having made a film for the public too, it's not just for me. I felt like it was the right time in my career to tell this story. This is what attracted me, it was my turn to take the plunge.”

Barely entering the screening room, Kevin Costner and his team were warmly applauded.

Cannes 2024: Kevin Costner goes all out with Horizon: An American Saga [critique]

Find here the most beautiful photos of this memorable climb, as well as a video extract from our interview with the star, met a little earlier in the day:

The first part of Horizon will be released on July 3 in France and its direct sequel in November. By then, we will know if Kevin Costner managed to raise enough money to shoot his numbers 3 and 4…

The story of Horizon : Over a period of 15 years before and after the Civil War. Expansion to the West is fraught with challenges, from natural elements to interactions with the indigenous peoples who lived on these lands to the ruthless determination of those who sought to colonize them…

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