California Prop 1 for 2024 Primary election – NBC Los Angeles

California voters appear to be nearly evenly divided on California Proposition 1, which seeks to expand the state’s mental health infrastructure on a $6.4 billion bond, as of Wednesday afternoon.

With half of the ballots counted across the state, “yes” is leading only by some 14,500 votes, the Associated Press projects. 

If approved, Prop 1 would authorize the state government to borrow and spend $6.4 billion in bonds to expand the state’s homeless housing and mental health facilities.

The ballot measure was championed by Governor Newsom and supported by a number of Southern California’s elected officials, including Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna.

Opponents, including those from ACLU California and Mental Health America in California, however, argue Prop 1 would be too costly for California taxpayers with the final bill exceeding $12 billion as the state tries to pay off the bond over the next three decades. 

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