Brad Pitt is (well) hidden in Blue & Company

“Maybe one day he'll get a role where we can see his face. Maybe…,” prophesies John Krasinski, the director.

In VF, Blue & Company see Jose Garcia respond to Mylène Farmer or Marina Fois And Dorothée Pousseo, recognized dubbing actress. For the original version, John Krasinskithe director, managed to gather around him a five-star cast: alongside Ryan Reynoldswho plays one of the main roles, Steve Carell, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Emily Blunt, Bradley Cooper, George Clooney or Matt Damon lend their voices to imaginary friend characters.

However, it seems that another big Hollywood name has slipped into the credits of this family adventure comedy, that of Brad Pitt ! The Oscar-winning actor thus reunites with his colleagues from the heistOcean's ElevenGeorge Clooney and Matt Damon, seventeen years after the release of the third part of the trilogy Steven Soderbergh.

The film tells the adventures of Bea (Cailey Fleming) who, accompanied by her eccentric neighbor (Ryan Reynolds), makes it her mission to reconnect the children and their forgotten imaginary friends. During this quest, Reynolds' character runs into (literally) several times that of Brad Pitt, who lends his voice to Keith, an invisible imaginary friend.

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John Krasinski, who, in addition to directing his fifth feature film, also plays Bea's father, was asked about this little surprise:

“It’s true, Brad Pitt is in the film’s credits. He plays Keith. I decided to offer him this opportunity. You know he worked very hard in his life and I told myself it was time to give this guy a chance. Maybe one day he'll get a role where we can see his face, maybe…”he quips at the microphone of AND.

No offense to the prankster John Krasinski, Brad Pitt will soon be starring in a Formula 1 film, scheduled for June 27, 2025, and in which he will play a retired driver who agrees to take a young colt under his wing.

Note that before this invisible cameo, Brad had already participated in a similar joke: to Deadpool 2, he agreed to appear in the shoes of an X-Force superhero. Guess its power? Be transparent. Yes, Brad's ex-stunt double (on Fight Club among others), who has since directed him in Bullet Train, had offered one of the most famous stars on the planet the role of an (almost) invisible superhero! Moreover, Damon also appeared for a short moment on screen, unrecognizable under a thick layer of makeup. Leitch and Krasinski obviously have the same sense of humor…

Blue & Company has been available in theaters since May 8. Here is the trailer for the film:


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