Blue & Company takes over the US box office, disaster for Amy Winehouse

John Krasinski's film takes first place from Planet of the Apes, which remains solid.

John Krasinski's Imaginary Friends did not meet with the success hoped for. Blue & Company starts across the Atlantic with first place at the US box office, but only $35 million in revenue. A bit tight for a family film which cost the studio 110 million and which has a worldwide total of 55 million dollars after its first days of release.

In the meantime, the score is enough to beat Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom, which slips to second place with $26 million. The 4th film in the franchise generated $100.9 million at the US box office and $237 million worldwide.

the French film

At the same time, Ryan Gosling still isn't taking off with The Fall Guy. The action comedy stagnates in fourth place with an additional $8.4 million and just $63 million in North America, for a worldwide total of $127 million, below expectations, knowing that the film cost $140 million to produce.

Among the new releases of the Lionsgate week is the horror film Intruders who created a surprise by collecting 12 million dollars, allowing him to climb onto the podium of the weekend across the Atlantic.

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The flop of the week is called Back to Black. The biopic ofAmy Winehouse, which has only just been released in the USA, settles for fifth place with a very low score of $2.85 million despite a national release in more than 2,000 theaters. Fortunately, Back to Black has already grossed $37 million overseas.


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