Black Mirror creator explains USS Callister sequel

“This is something we’ve been considering for quite some time!”

Black Mirror will soon return for a seventh season and the creator Charlie Brooker confirms that USS Calister will be entitled to a sequel.

An event for the saga Black Mirror, since for the very first time, an episode of the anthology (all episodes are independent) will have a sequel. Obviously, USS Callister is undeniably the episode that has had the biggest impact on fans since the series moved to Netflix. But Charlie Brooker despite everything, explains to the Hollywood Reporter:

“It's actually been quite a long time in the making. And that's partly because of the way the episode ends. USS Callister ends in a way that just allows this story to continue and follow where they're going from here . So it’s a desire that’s been on my mind, something that we’ve been considering for quite some time!”


The screenwriter continues and admits that the script for the sequel USS Callister went through different versions. “We discussed it a lot, we had to find the right schedule for filming, and then there was the pandemic… We thought we wouldn't be able to do it so I was delighted when filming was finally able to take place. start… Finding characters is a luxury that I don't often have. I've never had this before on Black Mirror. I couldn't continue beyond one episode! So it's been a lot of fun, and then seeing them all on set has been fantastic.

The creator of Black Mirror has not revealed anything about what will happen, nor the names of the actors who will return in the USS Callister. But he still suggests that the story will pick up where it left off: “You will see. We continue the story where we left off. And there are new characters too. There are new things to do with where they ended up versus where they were…”

Jesse Plemonsrecently crowned Best Actor at Cannes, could therefore return, as Cristin Milioti.


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