Bhojpuri Song: Rakesh Mishra's new song 'Gulab Lagelu' is creating a sensation in the music market.

Bhojpuri Song: Singer Rakesh Mishra has become the lifeblood of the Bhojpuri industry. Whenever he sings, he touches people's hearts. His new music video 'Gulab Lagelu' has hit the music market and is making waves with its release. It is sung by Rakesh Mishra along with debutant singer Shivani Singh. The magic that this song is doing on people's hearts can be gauged from the fact that the song crossed 5.73 lakh views on the first day of its release.
This song has been released on YouTube channel of T-Series Humar Bhojpuri. This song is beautifully sung by Rakesh and Shivani. Not only the song, but also the grandeur of the video, which people are appreciating a lot. In no way does it sound less than a Bollywood song. Muskan Gupta is seen with Rakesh Mishra in the music video of this song. People love her glamorous style. In this, Muskan is asking her sister-in-law how she looks. Rakesh Mishra is praising her in a very charming way by comparing her to Gulab – 'Gulab Lagelu'. Fans are showering love on this song. One brother even said 'Bhai, your voice is like Pawan Singh'.

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Last year singer Neelkamal Singh's song 'Gulab Jee Khilal Badu Tu Bhanwara Se Mil Badu…' went viral and is still being heard. Since then 'Gulab' seems to have become a hit trend in Bhojpuri music.

So Rakesh Mishra has included rose in this song.

Bhojpuri Song: Rakesh Mishra's new song 'Gulab Lagelu' is taking the music market by storm.

Talking about his new music video 'Gulab Lagelu', Rakesh Mishra says that rose is a symbol of love and comparing a lover to a rose strengthens the relationship. It affects the other person's heart deeply. Keeping this in mind, Rose has been included in this song. Rakesh Mishra requested his Bhojpuri brothers to listen and watch this song and also share it with their friends. With their love and blessings the song will become a chart buster like every time.

Regarding the song, T-Series project manager Sonu Srivastava said that we have always tried to entertain people with good songs. In this episode we bring you this beautiful song.
Lyricist and music composer of this song is Prakash Barud, music is given by Bipul Ji (Malhar Studio). The PRO is Ranjan Sinha and the concept is by Sangram Singh.

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Bhojpuri Song: Rakesh Mishra's new song 'Gulab Lagelu' is taking the music market by storm.

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