Becoming Karl Lagerfeld: “There is the possibility of a season 2!”

The biopic dedicated to the German designer could well continue in the 1980s, to tell the story of his rise at Chanel, as director Jérôme Salle tells us.

Daniel Brühl amaze in the skin of Karl Lagerfeld on Disney Plus, since Friday. A biopic series which mainly tells the story between the fashion designer who died in 2019 and his great love Jacques de Bascher. It also focuses on a period limited to the 1970s. So its executive producer and director, Jerome Salle, suggests that a sequel is not at all impossible. Warning spoilers!

It even clearly opens the door to a season 2 of Becoming Karl Lagerfeldwhich would take place in the 1980s, covering the designer's early Chanel years and the death of Jacques, who succumbed to AIDS in 1987: “There is clearly the possibility of a season 2!” assures Première Jerome Salle. “We end at the beginning of the 1980s. It’s the arrival of AIDS and everything that will change for Jacques.”


The director continues and details what is planned for this possible season 2: “We could deal with Karl's relationship with this illness from which Jacques will suffer, and then with his beginnings at Chanel. There is material to explore another decade, that of the 1980s.”

For the moment, nothing is set in stone, but “we kept the door open to make a sequel. Or at least I'd say that everything that happened for Karl in the 1970s was enough to fill a single season. We were able to deal with this era of freedom, this enchanted parenthesis where everything was possible. The total freedom of the 70's. With the 1980s, a different atmosphere took hold. They are really two different eras and if we have to talk about it, I thought it would be better that it be found in two different seasons…”

Season 2 of Becoming Karl Lagerfeld has not yet been ordered by Disney Plus.


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