Arizona Dream will be released in 4K in cinemas [bande-annonce]

The desert escapades of Johnny Depp, Faye Dunaway, Jerry Lewis and Lili Taylor will be (re)discovered this summer.

Twenty-nine years after its release in France, Arizona Dreamthe summary of sweet madness and so nineties from Franco-Serbian Emir Kusturica, returns to the big screen, and in 4K. The film features a quartet of slightly elevated personalities, played by Johnny Depp, Faye Dunaway, Jerry Lewis And Lily Taylor. Remember:

“Axel lives more in a world filled with dreams and flying fish than in New York, where he lives. About to remarry, his uncle Leo, a car salesman in Arizona, asks him to cross the United States to be his best man. There, he meets Elaine, a whimsical widow who only dreams of flying, and her daughter Grace who is angry with the whole world. He then finds himself tossed between the dreams of all those around him…”

Kind of Winner with frosted sauce, Arizona Dream won the Silver Bear (or Jury Prize) at the 1993 Berlinale, where it was acclaimed, although it had to bow to the Best man ofAng Lee And The Women of the Lake of Perfumed Souls of Fei Wei.

A lunar scenario, populated by silver fish, flying machines and desert expanses, and whose filming turned into a nervous breakdown for the director, forced to stop for three months. As for Johnny Depp, at the height of his popularity, he gives us one of those characters endowed with this quiet strength of which he has the secret, and who is, directly or indirectly, reminiscent of those, also caught in a form of melancholy wandering, Gilbert Grape And Benny and Joonreleased the same year.

Adored on the Old Continent, Arizona Dream had suffered a twenty-three minute cut for its release in the United States, a year after its European presentation. This year, it returns to French cinemas, in a version restored by Studiocanal.

To dive back into this reverie, you will have to wait until July 10, the official release date ofArizona Dream.

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