Anupama's upcoming twist: After Vanraj, this person will reach America

Anupama's upcoming twist: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupama is the most watched show. It has topped the TRPs since the beginning and people have loved the simple story of a housewife who has to endure a lot in life. Anupama is now in America and works as a chef. Anuj and Anupama have separated. Anuj lives in America with his daughter Chhoti Anu alias Aadhya and his fiancee Shruti. Anupama lives in America with Kinjal and Toshu and works at Yashdeep's Spice and Chutney restaurant. The story took such a turn that Anu and Anuj bumped into each other in America too and both were shocked. Adhya tells him that she hates him. Adhya insults Anupama and asks her to stay away from Anuj and Shruti. Anuj is happy to see Anupama and wants her back, but doesn't want her past back.

Vanraj and Ba reached America
Here Shruti is devastated after learning the truth about Anupama and Anuj. Now another mountain of grief has fallen on him, as he has also lost his parents in a plane crash. Shruti and Adhya go back to Mumbai, but Anupama suffers more. Vanraj and Ba are now in America. Vanraj starts taunting Anupama once again after seeing her with her boss Yashdeep. Baa and Anupama are happy to see each other. However, Vanraj's negative behavior is disturbing to Anupama. However, there will be more twists in the story. Another person is coming from Mumbai. Yes, you read that right. Now Titu will come to America.

Titu will go to America
We all have seen that Titu loves Dimpy and has a great relationship with Anupama. Vanraj and Ba are against Titu and Dimpy's relationship. Pakhi also proposes to Titu and he falls madly for her. But Titu rejects him and calls him selfish. In the upcoming episodes, Titu will reach America to get Dimpy and Anupama's support for their wedding. Titu's entry into America will bring many ups and downs for Anupan. Anupama stars Sukirti Kandpal, Waqar Sheikh, Sudhanshu Pandey, Parakh Madan, Madalsa Sharma, Alpana Buch, Aurra Bhatnagar, Chandni Bhagwanani, Adhya Barot, Trishan Shah, Kunwar Amarjeet Singh, Disha Duggal and others.

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Rupali Ganguly's video went viral
Amidst all this, a video of Rupali Ganguly has recently surfaced, suggesting the possibility of Anu getting married once again. Rupali Ganguly is known as an active social media user. She often posts videos related to her sets and personal life. In fact he likes to make videos on trending songs. A similar video has recently gone viral, but for a completely different reason.

Rupali is seen wearing vermilion
In this video, Rupali expresses her love for the most famous street food of Maharashtra, Vada Pava. Although this video is funny, what caught everyone's attention was Rupali's look. In the video, Rupali is seen wearing Anupama's old saree, which she wore when she married Anuj. Apart from this, Rupali was seen wearing vermilion. These two things give a big hint that Rupali's character Anu might get married in the upcoming episodes.

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