Angel Marina Tirki of Ranchi received this great honor in the Philippines, explained her purpose

Angel Marina Tirki from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, has received great honor in the Philippines. Angel Marina Tirki, a native of Namkum, joined the international jury panel of 'Queen of International Tourism 2024'. On this occasion, she was given the honor of 'Honorary Queen 2024'. Talking to 'Prabhat', Angel said that her aim is to take women in Jharkhand out of the confines of their homes and empower them.

Hosted 'Queen of International Tourism 2024' in the Philippines

The 'Queen of International Tourism 2024' has been organized in the Philippines, the capital of Indonesia, in the last week of March. In this, Angel was included in the international jury panel. Angel, a resident of Namkum, Ranchi, was the winner of 'Queen of International Tourism 2023' last year i.e. 2023.

Angel Marina met Riza Pamorada, Mayor of Tirki Alcantara

In the Philippines, the Jharkhand girl also got a chance to meet Riza Pamorada, Mayor of Alcantara Philippines. Angel says that Jharkhand is her birthplace. He has great love for his motherland. Has participated in national beauty pageant 7 times. She was a 7 time state champion. 3 time winner of international beauty pageant.

Angel is the Master of Coordinator at G-20

Not only this, Angel Marina Tirki also worked as the Master of Coordinator during the G-20 program. When it comes to sports, she has become a master as the coordinator of the women's hockey team. She wants to work with the youth of Jharkhand for the benefit of her state.

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Angel Marina Tirki was born to a retired soldier.

Born to a retired Indian soldier's family, Angel wants to represent the policies of the Jharkhand government. She wishes that the women of Jharkhand and the country should be freed from all shackles. Live a free life outside the confines of your home. They are ready to help tribal artists to get a platform in this too.

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Such is the journey of Angel Marina Tirki

It may be pertinent to mention here that Angel Marina Tirki, a resident of Namkum, Ranchi, did her schooling from Ranchi. He matriculated from Bishop Westcott School, Namkum. After this, he completed his intermediate education from St. Xavier's College. Later he graduated from Amity University, Jharkhand.


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