An elevator breakdown at the origin of a beautiful love story between Galatea Bellugi and Victor Belmondo?

The trailer for Her & Him and the Rest of the World promises a witty rom-com.

Marco, in his twenties, a little lost, helps out a friend by replacing him at his workplace: an emergency center for elevators.

Around 3 a.m., a young woman called him: stuck in a broken cabin, she was having an anxiety attack. Marco tries to reassure her on the phone but finding no technician available to intervene, he decides to go and rescue her himself! Once there, unfortunately, the young woman took off.

Thus begins his incredible quest in pursuit of this enigmatic stranger, in Paris, on the night of Valentine's Day.

When the trailer begins, you might think that Marco (Victor Belmondo) is quite a dreamer, who imagines the beginning of a love story with a young woman with a soft voice (Galatea Bellugi), who has just called her elevator repair service after finding herself stuck between two floors. After a few shots, we are reassured: the crazy Valentine's Day evening that is coming is not completely imagined by its protagonist, who sets off in search of this voice that made him fall for it… before she doesn't find herself stuck on another elevator again! Could the young woman have bad luck?

For her first film, the director Emmanuelle Belohradsky takes up the codes of the rom-com, a playground which, at first glance, suits its two actors well. Galatea Bellugi, seen in Repair the living, The Apparition or more recently in Junkyard Dogs And The Passion of Dodin Bouffantis full of life facing the more timid Victor Belmondo, grandson of one of the most popular French actors in history and already spotted in The Very Private Life of Mr. Sim, My Baby Or Fly Me.

Valentine's Day 2024 having already passed, Her & Him and the rest of the world will rather be a summer comedy: join us from June 19 to discover this rom-com on the big screen.


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