Alien: Romulus unveils its terrifying trailer with Cailee Spaeny

Fede Alvarez plays with the codes of the saga launched by Ridley Scott in 1979.

After a first teaser unveiled in March, Alien: Romulus pulls out its real trailer, and it makes you want it. Fede Alvarez (evil Dead, Don't Breathe) is at the helm of this new film located between Alien And Aliens, and all the codes of the saga are there. An abandoned space station explored by young travelers, Facehuggers, Chestbusters, a Xenomorph and the famous tagline: in space no one will hear you scream.

For originality, we'll come back. Alien: Romulus is here to pay homage to the first two films of Ridley Scott and James Cameron, starring rising star Cailee Spaeney (Priscilla, Civil War) who takes up the torch from Sigourney Weaver. But it's devilishly effective, like this super distressing and damn well done trailer which promises thrills and nostalgia by replaying some of the most iconic shots of the franchise. A horror cocktail to enjoy from August 14 at the cinema.


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