A little something extra soon in the world top 20

Artus' comedy is close to $50 million in revenue, solely thanks to its success in France. For the moment.

To see the results ofA little something extra shared by ComScore, an American remake seems almost inevitable. Released on May 1, this film co-written, carried and directed by the comedian Artus, bringing together around him a handful of established actors (Alice Belaïdi, Clovis Cornillac, etc.) and mainly actors with disabilities (Marie Colin, Sofian Ribes, etc.), was seen by more than 4 million curious people in the Hexagon. Transposed into dollars, this number of entries represents 49.1 million greenbacks, calculates this French-speaking site specializing in box office.

A little something extra doubles Dune 2 and becomes the biggest success of 2024 in France

A little something extra was thus 7th in the overall top of the weekend (ranking from May 31 to June 2), and if we report this score within the 2024 world ranking, he obtains 23rd position, just ahead Back to Black, the Amy Winehouse biopic. Just above him are horror films The Curse: the origin And Night Swimwhich it should double by crossing the $50 million mark, then a little higher there is Challengers And Detective Conan in the 80 million range, then Argylle (96 million), Madame Web (just 100 million), Furiosa (11th in the ranking thanks to 114 million revenues), King x Kong And Kung Fu Panda 4 (on the podium around 300 million), and in first position still stands Dune 2 and its 711 million greenbacks amassed on the planet.

A little something extra: a hilarious comedy… about disability [critique]

We know it, A little something extra is a huge hit, which created a surprise from the day of its release, last Wednesday May 1 (holiday). In less than a month, it became the biggest success of 2024 in France, beating the 4 million admissions of Dune 2, precisely, and it could still climb to 7, 8 or even cross the 10 million spectator mark in France alone, predict box office specialists, observing that its attendance is still very high from week to week. week. Pan Distribution has also pulled out all the stops, multiplying its number of copies regularly, from 455 to 981, and organizing a noticeable rise in the steps during the last Cannes Film Festival for the whole team.

There is something “become addicted to numbers”joked its creator at the microphone of Firstadmitting that he had never really been interested in the box office, but that by dint of seeing his first (and only?) production break record after record, he now followed its evolution very closely.


This score of 50 million dollars is all the more impressive as these revenues were recorded only in France. A little something extra was also released in Belgium and Suisse Normande (as well as in Quebec on Friday May 31), but its results in these French-speaking countries have not yet been added to the total, ComScore making it clear that comedy is only offered in one territory, compared to 78 for Furiosa or 61 for Garfield, For example. Since its release, the exceptional scores ofA little something extra in France allowed him to remain among this world top for five weekends in a row.

At a time when the US box office is at half mast, A little something extra will it soon be remade by a big studio? We might talk about it again soon…

Even Denis Villeneuve is worried that Dune 2 will still be the biggest hit of 2024


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