A little something extra approaches 6 million admissions in France

Artus' film is still topping the box office, and even Furiosa can't fight it.

The weeks go by and the phenomenon continues unabated. It would even tend to increase: +9% attendance for A little something extra, in its fifth week, it is downright exceptional! The film ofArtus records 1.2 million additional admissions and easily maintains its lead at the French box office, which it has held for more than a month. Tender and social comedy still commands 47% of admissions to cinemas in the region!

After 5 weeks, A little something extra already has 5.8 million admissions in French cinemas and according to projections, it should logically eventually pass the 10 million admissions mark. What hasn't happened to a French film for 10 years: we have to go back to What have we done to the Good Lord? in 2014 (12,366,033) to find traces of such a box made in France. Moreover, only 12 films have passed this milestone in the annals of the national box office.

The French film

Waiting for, A little something extra leaves only crumbs Furiosa. The last film in the saga Mad Max does not succeed better in France than in the United States. After two weeks of exploitation, George Miller's film totaled 600,000 admissions, when Fury Roadat the same stadium, had 1.49 million spectators (in 2015).

On the box office podium of the week we find Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdomwhich adds 235,000 spectators in France, allowing it to exceed the 2 million mark.

Warner Bros.

It will be noted in the rest of the ranking that The Second Act continues to garner entries, approaching 420,000 tickets in three weeks and should beat the score of Daaaaaali! (482,718 admissions in 2013) to become Quentin Dupieux's biggest cinema success.

Finally, the new products are struggling and Abigaila horror film, came far with 80,000 spectators for its first week.


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