US Election Result Highlights: As the United States elections is headed for a tight finish, all eyes are on the eight key states where counting is still underway. As per the media projections, six of these states are dominated by Trump, while Biden plays strong only in two. These key states can have drastic impact on the race which is being led by Biden so far, as claimed by several reports in media.

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Though, the figures in US media remain divided with one section projecting Trump ahead, while other showing Biden as the frontrunner.

The following states will play a decisive role: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada. The counting is yet to conclude in these states.

However going by the projections of the Associated Press, here is a look at the key states and who is winning in these states.

Florida : Trump gets to  keep the crucial state of Florida which helped him steer ahead in the trends. Though, Biden appears to have increased Democrat support among white voters, but Trump has  made big gains among Latinos compared with his 2016 performance.

Texas: Trump gets to keep Texas that holds 38 electoral votes as he  grabbed 52.3% of votes.

Georgia: Trump has claimed Republican victory in Georgia which is another one of the key states. The results are pending in Georgia as of now.
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California: One of the crucial wins for Joe Biden was the state of California holding 55 EVs, in which Biden’s party could amass over 65% of the votes.

Washington: Joe Biden’s Democratic Party clinched Washington which accounts for 12 EVs.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma which accounts for over 7 EVs was clinched by Donald Trump with over 65.4% votes.

District of Columbia: Biden swept District of Columbia with over 90% of votes. In 2016, Hillary Clinton (D) won District of Columbia by a margin of 86.8 points, adding three electoral college votes to her total.

Connecticut: Biden has won seven electoral votes in Connecticut, where the state’s only federal election considered competitive is in the Fifth Congressional District.

New York: Biden has won the presidential race in New York and has defeated  President Donald Trump to take the state’s 29 Electoral College votes.

Here is a look at states won by Trump and Biden:

Trump Biden
South Dakota, Delaware
Utah Colorado
 Missouri New Hampshire
Louisiana District of Columbia
Nebraska New York
North Dakota Vermont
Arkansas Connecticut
Alabama Virginia
Mississippi Illinois
Oklahoma Maryland
Tennessee Massachusetts
Kentucky, New Jersey
West Virginia Rhode Island
Indiana California


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