Tesla CEO Targeted By Anonymous Hacker Group For His ‘Power Over Cryptocurrency Markets’: Report

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Washington: Tesla CEO Elon Musk was recently targeted by a notorious group of hackers that has committed some of the biggest digital scams in the recent past.

The Tesla CEO has been criticized for his power over the cryptocurrency markets in the latest video posted by the hacker group.

As per a TMZ report, the video, posted by an anonymous account, claimed that Musk’s arrogant attitude towards cryptocurrencies has gone far enough, especially as it pertains to Bitcoin, which has reacted uncontrollably to his latest tweets.

The report further stated the hacker group proclaimed that even though Musk has “positioned himself as concerned about the environment with Tesla’s pivot away from Bitcoin, he doesn’t practice what he preaches within the company itself, hurling many allegations against him and Tesla’s practices at large”.


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Criticizing the Tesla CEO on a personal note, the anonymous account said he suffers from a “superiority complex” while noting he once dubbed himself the “Emperor of Mars” and that he is hurting working-class people and their prospects by his constant crypto trolling.

This comes as Musk had last month announced that the company has stopped accepting bitcoin as payment for its cars. Tesla had started accepting bitcoin in late March.

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