Chinese Woman Becomes Own Daughter’s Mother-In-Law, Discovers Truth About Parentage On Son’s Wedding

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Sometimes reality can be stranger than fiction, that is what happened at a wedding in China as a mother discovered that she is her daughter-in-law’s biological parent.

The woman was shocked and in tears during her son’s wedding as she discovered that the bride was her long-lost daughter.┬áThe incident reportedly happened in Suzhou, Jiangsu province in China on March 31.

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The woman spotted a birthmark on her daughter-in-law’s hand, it was identical to the one on her lost daughter’s hand. After noticing it, she approached the bride’s parents and asked if they had adopted their daughter more than 20 years ago.

The bride’s family was also utterly shocked as they had not talked about the matter with anyone. They revealed that several years ago, they had found a baby girl by the roadside and they brought her up as their own daughter.


Getting to know about this, the bride burst into tears. She called this moment of meeting her biological mother: “happier than the wedding day itself”.

But the bride was now worried about the marriage as the revelation meant that she was about to marry her elder brother. The ‘mother-in-law’ then clarified that there was no objection to take up because the groom was also adopted.

After losing all hopes of finding her missing daughter, she had adopted a boy – so there was no problem as they were not biological siblings, Oriental Daily reported.

This came as much-needed relief for the bride and the couple went on to perform their wedding rituals. Besides forming a union of marriage, the unconventional ceremony united a mother with her lost daughter after years of searching produced no results.

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