YouTuber Armaan Malik Can’t Enter Bigg Boss 17 Payal Breaks Silence Why He Rejected Offer Says Hum Us Show Se Judene Par slt | Armaan Malik couldn’t enter Bigg Boss 17 for this major reason, says the YouTuber’s wife Payal

Bigg Boss 17 has started. Inside the house, 17 contestants play their respective games and dream of winning the show. For the past several months, there was talk that Armaan Malik would make a grand entry in Bigg Boss 17 and give his fans a treat. It can be speculated that he will be moving into the house with his first wife Payal. Although he did not take admission. Actually, the makers of Bigg Boss keep the list of contestants completely hidden from everyone. The people you interact with are also signed that you cannot reveal anything outside or in any video. In such a situation, Payal and Kritika have been seen many times talking about Bigg Boss in the blog. She was seen asking if she will go to Bigg Boss or not. His departure was then cancelled. However, this has not been confirmed.


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