Yaariyan 2 Movie Review: A story of a brother-sister relationship, Yaariyan 2… remains average in terms of entertainment.

Movie – Yaariyan 2

Maker-T series

Directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru

Starring- Divya Khonsla Kumar, Meezan Jaffrey, Pearl V Puri, Anaswara Raj, Yash Dasgupta, Murali Sharma and others

Platform – Cinema

Rating- 2.5

The film is being advertised as a sequel to the 2014 T-Series banner film Yaariyan, but the film is actually a Hindi remake of the successful 2014 Malayalam film Bangalore Diary. This story of relationship is also told here through brother-sister. While very few films have been made about brother-sister relationships, this musical tries something different. The subject may be different but the screenplay and dialogues of the film could not do justice to it. Instead the sets, locations and costumes of the characters have been overworked, making this friendship average.

The story has a message of blood cousins, choosing friends.

The story of the film revolves around three cousins, Ladli (Divya), Shikhar (Meejan) and Bajrang (Pearl), who hail from Shimla but fate brings them to Mumbai. Ladli got married in Mumbai. This marriage has everything but love. Shikhar is a bike racer, but his father banned him from bike racing and his love for it. He reaches Mumbai to seek solace away from his family and Bajrang’s corporate job in Mumbai. He is also struggling with the pain of heart disease. What follows is how these three solve each other’s lives by becoming each other’s support system.

Advantages and disadvantages of film

Talking about the story of the movie, the movie takes a long time to come to the main story, in the second half the movie comes to the actual story, so the first half of the movie is weak. It is the story of three cousins, but the screenplay of the film gives more importance to Divya’s character and later to Meezan’s character. Pearl’s story doesn’t get the attention it deserves. A weakness of the screenplay is that the stories seem to intertwine most of the time. The screenplay does not address how the bond between the three cousins ​​became so strong. The screenplay needed to focus on this. The film picks up pace in the second half, initially the two climaxes add high points to the story, but in the end they fail to come across effectively on screen. The film has become a hit in many places. While watching the movie, you will also be surprised by its length. The songs and music of the film are good. You miss its high walls and treachery. The soundtrack of the film is also good. The camerawork of the film is also good. Communication needed to be worked on.

Meejan and Yash shine in acting

Talking about the acting, the film is from T-Series banner, so Divya Khonsla Kumar will also be the face of the story. Although he is the base of the story, his acting fails to give the film the foundation it needs. His performance is good compared to his earlier films, but he needs to work on his acting more. This cannot be denied. Meezan Jaffrey’s performance certainly impresses. Pearl V Puri does justice to her character in her debut film. Yash Dasgupta and Anaswara’s acting is also good. Murali Sharma and Bhagyashree have added different colors to the film with their performances. The rest of the characters have also proved themselves in their respective roles.


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