Watch Video California Balcony Full Of People Collapses In Malibu Leaving 2 Critically Injured

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California: A terrifying video has surfaced showing a Malibu beach house balcony packed with partygoers collapsed onto the sand and rocks below, leaving over a dozen people injured.

The incident reportedly happened on Saturday, May 8 when a large group of guests were partying in a house on the balcony in Malibu, California and suddenly the balcony broke off from the house and fell 15 feet below.

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The CCTV camera of the neighbouring property which captured the incident shows more than a dozen people were crammed onto the balcony when it gave way. People, furniture and shattered wood were smashed on the rocky beach below. Only a few people managed to escape timely.


According to several media reports, two were critically injured and soon rushed to the hospital while several others suffered minor to moderate injuries from the fall.

According to Capt. Ron Haralson of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, the deck likely was not designed for such a large crowd or potentially a lot of weight.

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