New Delhi:  The Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden is inching closer to the majority figure. Ahead of the final results, Biden made a big announcement and said that he will rejoin the Paris Climate deal once he is elected as the next US President.

He also tweeted about it and said that ‘in exactly 77 days, a Biden Administration will rejoin’ the deal.

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The Paris Climate Deal was formed in 2015 with an aim to limit global warming and maintain the global average temperature to ‘well below’ 2 °C above pre-industrial levels. The current US President Donald Trump had announced in 2017 his intention to pull out the agreement that has been signed by nearly 200 countries. America officially dropped out on November 4. It is the only country to withdraw from the agreement.

Trump has meanwhile raised questions over the counting of votes in battleground states and has approached the courts over it. He has alleged that the vote-counting is rigged. On Wednesday the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in a Michigan state court demanding access to locations where ballots were being counted.

As per reports, at the time of writing even if Donald Trump wins North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, he would only reach 268 electoral votes. The incumbent US president would need the Nevada at any cost to have any hopes to retain the presidency. On the other hand, Biden who has a narrow lead of over 8,000 votes in Nevada just needs that one state to become a president.

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