Facebook’s ‘Secret Dangerous Individuals & Organizations List’ Has These Names From India

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New Delhi: A hidden ‘blacklist’ maintained by Facebook, in order to ensure the digital is not used as a medium by anyone to incite violence or promote any unlawful criminal activities, has surfaced. The list names many terror, militant or extremist organisations that are based out of India.

The Intercept published the “Dangerous Individuals & Organizations List” as part of a report after accessing Facebook documents.

Among the over 4,000 people and groups named in the documents are several Indian terror, militant or extremist organisations. These include prominent names such as All Tripura Tiger Force, Communist Party of India-Maoist, Indian Mujahideen, Khalistan Liberation Force and Sanatan Sanstha.

Facebook DIO list includes the name of the following organisations based out of India

  • Al Alam Media
  • Al-Badr Mujahideen
  • Al-Mursalat Media
  • Al Sahab Indian Subcontinent
  • All Tripura Tiger Force
  • Communist Party of India – Maoist
  • Dawat-e-Haq
  • Indian Mujahideen
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  • Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen
  • Kangleipak Communist Party
  • Khalistan Tiger Force
  • Khalistan Zindabad Force
  • Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland – Isak-Muivah Terror South Asia, India
  • People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak
  • Sanatan Sanstha

The history of the document travels back in time till 2012 when there was an uproar in Congress (US) and the United Nations against digital platforms such as Facebook, which was believed to be used actively in recruiting individuals for terror activities.

In response to this, Facebook decided to put a ban on organisations with a record of terror activities. This policy later came to be known as the Dangerous Individuals and Organizations (DIO) policy.

According to The Intercept report, Facebook is believed to be currently using this policy to blacklist 4,000 people and organisations including “politicians, writers, charities, hospitals, hundreds of music acts, and long-dead historical figures”.

Facebook has not disputed the blacklist released by The intercept, but it does claim to keep the list a secret as disclosing it could endanger its employees.

Note: Readers can get access to the entire Facebook DIO list by clicking here.

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