Photos and videos of the corpses of the minks re-emerging from the graves from a military training facility outside the western town of Holstebro in Denmark, are all over social media, triggering a new wave of concern in the country.

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This comes after Denmark, in order to prevent a new mutated form of coronavirus from spreading, ordered to kill and bury millions of minks

Just a few days ago, a large number of the carnivorous mammals had been put into an improvised mass grave in the area.

According to the local Police, the carcasses of the minks decomposed quickly and formed gasses, that later on expanded and pushed the corpses above from the shallow grave.

Denmark’s environment ministry following the incident issued a statement saying that the corpses of the minks should be covered in at least five feet of Earth, which was not followed by the authorities in the town of Holstebro.

According to public broadcaster DR, the culled minks were buried only 100 centimeters of dirt in a field outside Holstebro.

Another problem that persists in the situation is that the animals were apparently buried close to a lake, sparking fears of phosphorus and nitrogen pollution. Officials, however, have promised to soon fix the problem.

“To avoid potential problems for animals and humans the area will be monitored 24 hours a day until a fence is put up,” the ministry was quoted.

Earlier this month, the European country announced to cull around 15 million minks, in order to prevent the outbreak of a mutated version of the novel coronavirus.

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According to the latest reports, more than 10 million minks have already been culled in the country.

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