Afghan Peace Talks Likely To Be Held On April 16 Even As Govt Asks For Condition-Based Withdrawal Of US Troops

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New Delhi: The government of Afghanistan and Taliban are likely to hold the next round of peace talks in Turkey on the 16th of April. However, Sources told ABP News that the Taliban is trying to get it postponed in the name of approaching Ramazan. 

Sources suspect that Taliban’s real intent behind trying to postpone the talks could be to later find an excuse to increase their attacks if the US fails to pull out its forces till the 1st of May. It is important to note that the 1st of May was supposed to be the earlier deadline for withdrawal of US Troops from Afghanistan but Biden Administration has stated that it will not be possible to meet the May 1 deadline.

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Sources say a large number of Talibanis still want to keep the fight on and are looking to increase their attacks postponing the so far scheduled April 16th talks. Turkey however is working to ensure that the talks happen and are likely to be held on April 16.


Sources in the Afghan Government told they are concerned with the Taliban’s approach. It is important to note that there is also not a single woman in the negotiating team of Taliban whereas half of the Afghan population are women. Talking Exclusively with ABP News, the Aghan Envoy to India, Ambassador Farid Mamundzay said “We have told the US for a Condition-based withdrawal and Not time-bound withdrawal”. 

However, the sources added that Afghan forces are by themselves fully equipped and since 2014, 98% of the operations were conducted by Afghan forces and only 2% by US Forces. 

Interesting also is to note how Qatar played a significant role in the Afghan Peace Talks. Sources told ABP News that Qatar did it for the Trump administration in return for establishing cordial relations with UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. So it is noteworthy that soon after they delivered the peace deal to Trump Administration, relations with Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt were established. 

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