Will the Blade movie ever be made? Director Yann Demange leaves the ship in turn

A second director leaves Blade to his fate. The Frenchman Yann Demange, who had signed to replace Bassam Tariq as director, has just said stop.

It's a project that seems impossible to put together at Marvel. In development for many years, the film Blade never stops putting obstacles in the way. He has just lost his second director with the departure of the Frenchman Yann Demangewho left the project, “ sometime ago », According to information from The Wrap!

How long ? We don't know, but obviously Marvel doesn't really want to communicate on the subject. It must be said that this is the second resignation after that of Bassam Tariqin 2022. At the time, he had left “ amicably », not wishing to comply with the deadlines imposed by the MCU.


But the departure is all the more worrying because at the same time, Mahershala Ali has just signed for a competing franchise: he will be one of the stars of Jurassic World 4, which should keep him seriously busy in the months to come. Compatible with the Marvel agenda? The pieces of the puzzle Blade now seems impossible to assemble. A puzzle which tends to suggest that the project will simply be put in the bottom of a drawer for the next few years, the time to start from scratch. Again.

Currently, Blade is written by Eric Pearson (Fantastic Four). Previous scripts were written by Michael Starrbury, Nic Pizzolatto and Michael Green.

For now, Blade still has a planned release date of November 7, 2025.


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