Who is Sonali Kulkarni who made controversial statements on women, now she is being trolled, VIDEO

Bollywood actress Sonali Kulkarni is currently getting trolled due to one of her statements. At an event, he made a controversial comment on women, after which everyone from social media users to celebrities started crying foul. Sonali Kulkarni in her latest interview talked about modern women and called them lazy, saying that women these days want a husband or boyfriend who earns well but never takes a stand for himself.

Know what Sonali Kulkarni said

In a recent press conference, Sonali Kulkarni said, “In India, we forget that many women are lazy. They want a boyfriend/husband who earns well, has a house. Yes, and guarantees regular increments in her work, but meanwhile, women forget to advocate for themselves.” . Women do not know what they will do. I request everyone to encourage women and make them self-reliant, so that they can share household expenses with their spouses.”

Urfi Javed gave this information

Urfi Javed, who reposted the clip on the micro-blogging site, was not impressed with Sonali’s comment and criticized Sonali’s comment, calling her “insensitive” and “entitled”. She said, “How insensitive, you said anything! You call modern women lazy when they take care of housework along with work? What’s wrong with having a husband who earns? Are you good? Men have seen women as just children. Centuries.” Vending machines and yes the main reason for marriage – dowry. Women are not afraid to ask or demand… Yes you are right women should work but it is a privilege that not all get.

Sona Mohapatra called it sad

Singer Sona Mohapatra also commented on Sonali’s tweet about the clip and gave her a piece of advice. He wrote, “True and truly sad… Look at a matrimonial column looking for beautiful, educated, earning and ‘homely’ girls.” Who cares only and only for his father-in-law. Do all the household chores. Pay your monthly salary to your in-laws only. Sonali Soch is ‘lazy’ and she should say that there are such women in my circle. Sonali was last seen in the series Whistleblower on SonyLiv in 2021.


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