Who is Ashish Vidyarthi’s first wife Rajoshi? The actor’s second marriage broke! Spilled pain said – you are too long…

Ashish Vidyarthi Second Marriage: Popular Bollywood and TV actor Ashish Vidyarthi is currently in the news. Ashish got married again at the age of 60. The wedding photo is going viral on social media. The actor is married to Assamese fashion entrepreneur Rupali Barua. As soon as the news of marriage went viral, his first wife Rajoshi Barua shared two posts. His anguish is evident in the post.

The Spilled Pain of Rajoshi Barua

Ashish Vidyarthi and Rajoshi Barua tied the knot in 1990. Ashish’s first wife Rajoshi Barua’s post has caught everyone’s attention. He wrote in the first post that the right person will not ask you what you call him. He won’t do anything to hurt you. Remember that.

Rajoshi Barua said

In the next post, Rajoshi Barua writes, “Overthinking and doubting may be pouring out of your head. Clarity can replace confusion. May your life be filled with peace and harmony. You are very strong, it is time to receive your blessings. You deserve it.” His post is going viral fast.

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Who is Rajoshi Barua?

Rajoshi Barua is the daughter of Bengali actress Shakuntala Barua. In addition, Rajoshi is the co-founder of Ashish Vidyarthi and Associates, an organization dedicated to transforming lives through theatre, music and meaningful conversation. Rajoshi and Ashish also have a 23-year-old son. Rajoshi acted in serials like Suhani Si Ek Ladki and Imli.


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