Where is season 2 of Pax Massilia? Olivier Marchal takes stock

Filming planned for the end of the year for Netflix.

Honored this weekend at the 63rd Monte-Carlo television festival, Olivier Marchal went to the microphone of Première, to discuss season 2 of Pax Massilia.

The Marseille series which is not in lace will return in 2025 on the platform. Filming is already scheduled in the Marseille city, as the creator and director confirms:

“The success of Bronx meant that Netflix asked me to turn it into a series. The film was a hit around the world and they liked Marseille, this spirit, these cops… So we developed it into a series. was a huge hit, so we're doing season 2. We're shooting at the end of the year. I'm not really allowed to talk about it, but we're still developing the texts.”


On the background, Olivier Marchal tells us that a good part of the cast will be back, alongside the cops, “but there will be new bad guys coming.”

And in form, the director promises that Pax Massilia will not decrease in intensity: “It will be as violent as the first season. Even worse!” he laughs. Watch below:


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