Vice-Versa 2 signs the best start of the year in France

With over 527,000 admissions, Riley's New Emotions is doing much better than the first 2015 film.

Vice-Versa 2 has just been released in our cinemas and, already, it is blowing up the counters. For its first day of release, the new film from Disney Pixar studios attracted 297,681 spectators – 527,504 previews included. For comparison, the first part brought together 133,000 people in theaters. A very nice score which allows him to steal the trophy for best start of the year from Artus and his comedy phenomenon A little thing in addition. The latter had almost 280,000 entries and had thus exceeded Dune: Part Two and its 260,811 tickets sold on the first day of its release.

And that's not all ! With such a figure, Vice-Versa 2 also achieves the second best start for a Pixar production in France behind The Incredibles 2 which had sold 694,360 tickets in 2018. There is no doubt that at Walt Disney HQ, it is Joy that leads the way and not Anxiety!

ComScore/Le Film Français

WhileElementaryits predecessor, recorded around 116,720 entries, Vice Versa 2 allows Pixar to shine again. This success was expected. Released a few days earlier in the United States, the animated film already had the best start of the year there, collecting $155 million for its first weekend. The sequel to the adventures of Paul Atreides had ONLY raised $82.5 million.

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At this rate, Riley, now a teenager, and her emotions should logically steal the top weekly box office spot from Artus, ending his seven-week reign.

To celebrate the news, Disney has shared a new excerpt in which the ball of energy that is the new kid, Anxiety, explains to others its mission: prepare for the future, anticipate and never let yourself be surprised. Everything is calculated, everything is planned. Like this success is a foregone conclusion?

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