Vice-Versa 2 as strong as Barbie: historic success for the latest Pixar at the US box office!

The new Pixar hit the charts this weekend across the Atlantic, and also in the rest of the world, where it completely beat the historic record of Frozen 2!

Joy ! American cinemas were full of emotions all weekend, while Vice-Versa 2 exploded even the most optimistic scores, expectations and forecasts. The Pixar sequel (which will be released in theaters in France next Wednesday) collected $155 million during its first weekend of American release.

This is, by far, the best start of the year across the Atlantic. The leaders so far were Dune: Part 2 (with 82.5 million dollars) and Godzilla x Kong ($80 million). If we go further into the figures, we see that Vice-Versa 2 achieved the best launch since barbie last July ($162 million).

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Helped by good reviews and general adoration for the first part, Vice-Versa 2 becomes the second largest launch in Pixar history, behind The Incredibles 2 ($182 million in 2018) but ahead Finding Dory ($135 million in 2016) or Toy Story 4 ($120 million in 2019). Obviously, it's also much more than the opening of the first part, which brought in $90.5 million in 2015. Vice versa had then finished his career at 858.8 million dollars. Vice-Versa 2 is already on the billion highway…

Because it’s not just in the United States that the film is a hit. Vice-Versa 2 reigns internationally and even beats its historical record: with 140 million dollars worldwide, the film doubles Frozen 2 ($135 million in 2019) to become the biggest overseas start of all time for an animated film. Thus, on a global scale, Vice-Versa 2 has already earned $295 million in four days!

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A huge victory for Pixar and its strategy of sequels in theaters. A sigh of relief also for American cinemas, which have not been celebrating lately and which are finally seeing a ray of sunshine as summer begins.

Especially since already, in recent days, Bad Boys: Ride or Die had given rise to a stirring of recovery. The fourth part of the saga with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence remains in great shape, in second place at the US box office, with an impressive $33 million in its second weekend. Bad Boys 4 has already grossed $112 million in North America and $214.6 million worldwide.

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Finally, Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom holds on firmly to third on the podium for its sixth week. The fourth chapter of the franchise grossed $157.8 million domestically and $374.5 million worldwide.

Huge historic success for Vice-Versa 2 at the US box office
the French film


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