Queens NYPD Precinct Commander Dies From Suicide – NBC New York

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An NYPD commander died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound Monday evening, according to department sources.

A senior law enforcement source said the commanding officer of the 107th precinct in Queens shot himself inside a department vehicle at Booth Memorial Avenue and 164th Street near Kissena Park. Video from the scene showed a large police presence, including an NYPD helicopter, in the area.

According to an NYPD Official with knowledge of the incident, the 21-year veteran of the department called a colleague at the precinct and said he was having thoughts of suicide. By the time officers were able to locate where he was, it was too late.

The deputy inspector’s suicide comes after a difficult time for the department. Over the past two years, there have been a number of officers who have died by suicide — 10 in 2019 alone. The crisis prompted the NYPD to push mental heal resources and outreach to the entire uniformed and civilian force


The department has not offered an update on the success of the outreach, or if there has been an increase in officers seeking mental health services.

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