Under the Seine 2: a sequel is already planned

Director Xavier Gens teases his idea…

It's been a huge hit on Netflix for 8 days: Under the Seine is establishing itself as one of the biggest hits in Netflix history. Just that. Viewed more than 40 million times during its first days online, the film Xavier Gens especially amazed American critics. So in these conditions, how can we not think of a sequel?

Nothing is ordered, explains Xavier Gens at Variety. But if nothing has yet been made official, the French director still wants to dive back in. And he already has ideas for Under the Seine 2. He even reveals:

“Right now, we're not there yet. But there's a chance we'll discuss it soon. If there is a sequel, it will take place in Paris completely submerged under water!”


Spoiler alert!

And for good reason, in the final sequence, literally explosive, war missiles which litter the bed of the river are accidentally exposed, causing massive flooding in Paris. The sequel would therefore be direct and would resume in the wake of the events of the finale. Under Paris will never have lived up to its title so well.


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