A polling station in Manhattan, New York, on Election Day.
A polling station in Manhattan, New York, on Election Day. Maria Khrenova/TASS/Getty Images

The Federal Election Commission’s commissioner, Ellen Weintraub, urged voters to be safe while voting during the coronavirus pandemic and get their voter information only from trusted sources.

“Be safe. Wear your mask. But by all means, if you haven’t voted yet, please, do vote,” she said Tuesday. “We want to have a really strong and vibrant democracy where every citizen’s voice and vote matters. So, please, if you haven’t voted yet, stay safe, but please vote.”

When voters come across information on the internet, Weintraub says, “consider the source.”

“Just because some guy on the internet said something doesn’t make it true. Make sure it’s reputable source before you believe it and share it,” she said.

Here’s a list of trusted sources she recommends.

  1. Boards of elections
  2. Secretaries of state’s offices
  3. Vote.org, which will give you links to your local election officials’ websites

She also urged voters to check their polling station and what the hours are before heading out to cast their ballots.

“A lot of polling stations have moved this year. I know I’ve been voting in the same place for 30 years but this year my polling station moved. So just be careful,” she added. “Make sure that you have your information from the horses mouth, from the election officials.”

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