Ingraham: Biden administration ‘lost in their delusions and missing in action’

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham slammed President Biden and his administration over their handling of government policy in the first 8 months in office on Wednesday’s “The Ingraham Angle,” claiming that everything the president and co. touches “turns bad.”

“Joe Biden’s first 8 months seem like 8 long years because everything he and his party have touched has turned bad,” Ingraham asserted.  “From domestic to foreign policy, the nation’s in a tailspin. Even the press can’t avoid covering it now. Recent headlines are devastating. Biden’s muscle questioned amid falling polls.”

Ingraham argued that Biden’s presidency “feels like a never-ending silver alert,” claiming that while Biden remains missing, the nation is being destroyed by those behind him. 

“Every day we wake up and realize anew that this missing senior citizen is actually living in the White House as the country is being run into the ground by whoever’s pulling his strings,” Ingraham said.

With questions surrounding who exactly is pulling Biden’s strings, Ingraham called out the president’s chief of staff Ron Klain, claiming he’s the “guy with the real power” in the White House.

“He’s not just playing the role of Oval Office gatekeeper and personal Biden caretaker. Klain’s also acting as the de facto president and commander in chief. When we think of who’s presiding over cabinet meetings, directing the discussions from COVID to commerce, we sure as hell know it ain’t Joe.”



Ingraham went on to call out Biden over his broken campaign promises along with detriment caused by his foreign and domestic policy mishaps.

“Everything that he’s done from causing gas prices to double, to fanning racial tension through critical race theory, all of it has harmed the very people who this pandemic hurt most,” Ingraham said. “America’s working class, their safety, their cost of living, their sense of optimism all needlessly compromised, a far cry from what the great panther from Delaware pledged during the campaign.”

“Is this what Biden meant by restoring our honor? Begging terrorists to do the right thing? she added.” “Like their commander, the Silver Alert is sounding for this entire administration, a group lost in their delusions and missing in action.”

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