The Instigators: Matt Damon and Casey Affleck are amateur robbers for Doug Liman [bande-annonce]

“We’re preparing the heist of the century, and are you taking notes?”

End of April, Doug Liman recounted his joy at having found Matt Damon 22 years later The memory in the skin For The Instigators, a film about two broke guys from Boston deciding to carry out a heist, played by the American star, but also the little brother of his best friend, Casey Affleck – also in the screenplay. All filmed in Boston, their favorite city.

“With this film, I was parachuted into their family, explained the director who loves action cinema (we also owe him Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Barry Sealthe remake of Road House…). When we shot Bourneit was me who invited him into my world, but with The Instigators, it was very clear that it was my turn to be immersed in his world. All this common history (which they have with Casey, editor's note)the good and the bad, it will be felt on the screen.”

Matt seemed just as happy to reunite with the director who turned him into an action star:

“I love working with Doug. I can't believe it took us over 20 years to find a common project. This guy is one of the most tenacious people I know. He won't let go until his film is the best it can be, and that's the best quality you'll find in a filmmaker. I have absolute confidence in him.”

After these confidences, it's time for the first images: Apple TV+ has just revealed the trailer and poster for The Insigators, scheduled for August 9 on the platform. A video responsible for making it clear from the outset that this duo is embarking on the heist out of financial obligation… and above all how they are not very good at this job. Or as Matt Damon sums it up wonderfully:

This film follows two strangers who are hired for a heist. They become better enemies. Then we really become friends when Jack Harlow starts yelling at us, Paul Walter Hauser insults us, Ving Rhames chases us away or Hong Chau keeps us alive. Casey Affleck and Chuck MacLean came up with such cool characters! It's a really fun world.”

The duo is in fact pursued by dangerous thugs, and they involve Matt's therapist in their misadventure… not entirely against her will. Ron Perlman, Alfred Molina, Michael Stuhlbarg and Toby Jones are also in the cast of this thriller/comedy, which will therefore be broadcast in streaming. With the director's approval this time? Liman publicly regretted that Amazon decided to release its version of Road Housewith Jake Gyllenhaal, on their platform and not on the big screen, at the beginning of the year…

Doug Liman boycotts his own Road House remake: “If I don't denounce Amazon…”


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