The director of Smile is ready for a remake of Possession with Robert Pattinson

Since Twilight, the actor has surprised with film choices that are as strange as they are original.

Isabelle Adjani admits to having been traumatized for a long time by her role in Possession

Maybe it's his deranged performance in The Lighthouse Or The Devil all the time who brought Parker Finn (smile) to collaborate with Robert Pattinson ? While Smile 2the sequel to the horror film with Sosie Bacon with 216 million dollars in worldwide revenue, is scheduled for October 16 in theaters, the director teases an astonishing new project: a remake of Possession.

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Although the feature film by Polish director Andrzej Żuławski has reached the rank of cult film (it is considered by Sight and Sound as one of the best films of all time), Possession is not to be taken lightly. Sam Neill (Alan Grant in Jurassic Park) plays a spy finding his wife (Isabelle Adjani) in West Berlin. But very quickly, he suspects her of infidelity and she asks for divorce. A descent into hell follows, the destruction of their marriage manifesting itself in horrific episodes: murders, terrifying doubles and a tentacled extra-terrestrial creature.


For her lively, inhabited, violent and hysterical performance, the French actress, then twenty-six years old at the time, received her first César in 1982. But the awards were of no consolation in the face of a grueling and nightmarish shoot which haunts her forty years later. Possession is disturbed, disturbing, shocking. Hopefully the atmosphere will be lighter for Robert Pattinson.

For the moment, the script not being finalized, we do not know what role the actor will play. The Batman. Being also involved in the project as a producer with his company Icki Eneo, he could also hold this position. A24, Netflix, Warner Bros. Sony and Paramount are already said to have their eyes on the project.

With Possession, Robert Pattinson's schedule is always full. Next year we should see him in Mickey 17, Bong Joon-Ho's next film.


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