The Conjuring End Date Set: Final Film to Come Out in 2025

Conjuring 4, subtitled Last Rites, will mark the conclusion of the Warren saga.

The ultimate paranormal investigation for the Warren couple. Vera Farmiga And Patrick Wilson will be back next year for the final installment of the saga. Warner Bros. announces that The Conjuring 4 will be released in theaters and Imax on September 5, 2025.

Subtitle Last Rites (The Last Rituals), it will be carried out by Michael Chaveswho had already signed the previous opus The Conjuring: The Devil's Influence (in 2021). The filmmaker also directed two other spin-offs of the franchise, namely The Curse of the White Lady And The Nun 2: The Curse of Saint Lucia.

Because the brand Conjuring extends well beyond the Warrens now. Conjuring 4 will in fact be the tenth film in a franchise that has grossed over 2 billion dollars at the global box office, thanks mainly to Annabelle And The Nun.


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