The Boys: does the “Tournament of Heroes” game from season 4 really exist?

Creator Eric Kripke tells us how this brilliant video game scene was thought up and created in the first episodes of season 4.

We really want to try this! In the first episodes of season 4 of The BoysRyan launches the game on his X Box Tournament of Heroes, a title produced by Vought International, which features its own superheroes, in a trashy and super gory video game. We can take Homelander and have fun. We can take the Red Countess or even Black Noir or other heroes that we don't even know (like Lamplighter).

So when Tournament of Heroes in real life on PS5 or X Box or PC? Obviously, it's not for now! The creator Eric Kripke informs us that “no, the game doesn’t really exist.”

Questioned by Première, he explains to us: “We didn't create Tournament of Heroes specifically for Season 4. Tournament of Heroes was carefully created in CGI, with effects in post-production, for the specific needs of this scene.”

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Besides, Eric Kripke estimate that Tournament of Heroes already exists in real life through Mortal Kombat :

“What's funny is that we asked our VFX artist to design something really trashy, as violent as possible. And there, I discovered the first images of Homelander in the real Mortal Kombat 1 game and I realizes that they did even more violent than us (laughs). So our Tournament of Heroes was ultimately not a parody. That's clearly what Mortal Kombat does.”

Season 4 of The Boys will continue next Thursday on Prime Video.


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