Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce appear on ‘SNL’ season debut – NBC Los Angeles

During the season debut of “Saturday Night Live,” Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce continued their public “Love Story.”

In one of the opening sketches of Saturday night’s episode, which also featured host and “Bupkis” star Pete Davidson, Travis Kelce popped in to comment on all the attention he and Swift are getting for seemingly having a relationship.

The sketch started out with impersonations of NFL broadcasters reacting to the news that Swift is not at the Jets-Eagles game.

The hilarious sketch poked fun at all the attention being given to Swift as she shows up to watch Kelce play, and not the game itself.

At the end, Kelce himself appears to say “Yes, please!” in support of talking football.

Later on in the show, Swift appears to introduce the show’s musical guest, Ice Spice.

The two do not appear again in the season 49 debut, but Davidson did thank them both at the end of the show.

Swift’s rumored relationship has sparked widespread attention in recent weeks, with the singer appearing at several of Kelce’s NFL games, where she has been seen with A-list celebrities and even Kelce’s mom.

Swift also had her “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” movie come out this past week, and is likely to break box office records with the release.

As for the official status of their relationship, it appears the two are not ready to say. But their dual appearances on “Saturday Night Live” can hardly be called a coincidence.

The Grove mall in Los Angeles was shut down for the day for the premiere of the highly anticipated movie “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.”

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