Sunny Deol’s fight with Hema Malini due to father Dharmendra! Mother Prakash Kaur handled the situation

Today everything is going well between Sunny Deol’s father Dharmendra’s second family Hema Malini and daughters Esha Deol and Ahana Deol. All family members are seen supporting each other. When Sunny Deoli’s much-awaited film Gadar 2 hit the theatres, Esha gave it a rave review. Not only this, she also attended the special screening of this film. Although there was a time when they couldn’t stand each other, things have changed and fans are very excited to see them together.

When Sunny Deol had a fight with Hema Malini

Recently Hema Malini praised stepson Sunny Deol’s recent release Ghadar 2 and called it the most interesting film. But did you know that there were once reports of Sunny Deol fighting with Dream Girl to marry her father and veteran actor Dharmendra. As soon as this news spread like wind, for the first time Dharmendra’s first wife Prakash Kaur came forward and while talking to the media claimed that the news was false. Prakash Kaur denied all the allegations and said that though she was hurt by Dharmendra’s decision to marry Hema Malini, she did not bring up her children like that. And Hema Malini also broke her silence on the news of the feud and revealed the truth about the relationship.

What did Hema Malini say about her relationship with Sunny?

Hema Malini had said in an interview, “Everyone feels the kind of relationship Sunny and I share. It is very beautiful and cordial. He is always there for Dharamji whenever needed, especially when I had an accident. Sunny Deol was the first. A The person came to visit me at home and saw that there was a suitable doctor to stitch my face. I was really surprised to see him take so much interest. Walked away. That shows the kind of relationship we have. It should be.”

Sunny Deol poses with Esha

After the huge success of Ghadar 2, Sunny organized a special screening for her step-sisters Esha and Ahana Deol and they were together in public for the first time. Esha was also out promoting her half-brother Sunny Deol’s Ghadar 2 and was cheering for him every day. On this occasion he said, Sunny Deol will be visiting Esha Deol and Ahana Deol’s house for the first time this year to celebrate Rakshabandhan.

Ghadar 2 is doing well at the box office

Sunny Deol’s high-octane action-drama film Ghadar 2, which is creating new records at the Indian box office, saw a dip in its collections on the 11th day. The film was expected to cross the Rs 400 crore mark in India on Monday, but failed to do so. The milestone is expected to be reached today on the 12th day of the play. Gadar 2 collection took a big dip on Monday. After a blockbuster opening weekend of Rs 90 crore, the film grossed Rs 14 crore as per initial estimates. The total box office collection of Ghadar 2 is now around Rs 389 crore in India. Worldwide, the film has grossed around Rs 487 crore till date and is expected to cross the Rs 500 crore mark today.


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