Sunny Deol rips his jeans after an altercation with Shahrukh Khan on the sets of Dar! There was a lot of confusion

Bollywood actor Sunny Deol will soon be seen in Gadar 2. Fans are eagerly waiting for this movie. The movie will release in theaters on August 13. Today we are going to tell you an anecdote from Sunny Deol and Shahrukh Khan’s movie ‘Der’ which was very famous at that time. Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan did not speak to each other for 16 years after this story.

Sunny Deol and Shahrukh Khan movie

Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan were signed by Yash Chopra for Dar (1993). During the shoot, the actor got angry because Shah Rukh was getting too much attention. He believed that Shah Rukh was more glorified as a villain. There was a scene where Shahrukh wanted to stab Sunny Deol. Sunny had a lot of arguments with Yash Chopra over this. He said, how can anyone stab a commando. But the makers asked him to do so, after which Sunny Paaji got angry and tore both the jeans.

Shahrukh-Sunny Deol have not spoken till date

The cast did not speak for 16 years after the film’s release, but Sunny said it was not intentional. “It’s not that I haven’t spoken, but I’ve cut myself off and still don’t socialize much. That’s why we’ve never met, so there’s nothing to talk about.” loved He also liked Shah Rukh Khan. My only issue with the movie was that I didn’t know they would feature the villains much. I am always open in films. And trusts that person. I believe in working with faith.Unfortunately this trust was broken and that’s why I have never worked with Yash Raj in the last 24 years.


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