Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh Breakup Why Actress Expresses Her Pain: Says Jab Yeh Khatam Hua To Dard

Bollywood actress Amrita Singh once admitted that she was in a relationship with Sunny Deol and was devastated after breaking up with the Gadar 2 actor. An old interview of the actress has resurfaced online, where she opened up about her alleged affair with Sunny Deol and much more. Amrita said, “Whenever I get into a relationship, be it with Sunny, Ravi or Vinod, I give my 100 percent and when it ends, I feel devastated.” Was.” Moving on from her failed relationship, Amrita admitted that her breakup with Sunny Deol still haunts her. She said, “All my past relationships are still very important to me. I feel sunny. I am very normal with him. I am happy if Ravi recovers.”


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